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How to survive your financial crisis is a comprehensive resource for individuals and small business owners who have been financially blindsided to the economic events of the past several years.  It is a compilation of practical solutions by experts in various  fields on how to survive your financial crisis.  Come...Be rescued. Our book and website!  Come, be rescued from your financial crisis with insightful tips and information that every individual and small business owner can use.


Vivian Gaspar is an author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and independent business owner of several businesses over the last 28 years. Ms. Gaspar is dedicated to helping her clients survive critical financial times and achieve success.


Some of these venues included: The Learning Annex, Department of Labor, national real estate corporations such as Weichert Realtors; Berkshire Hathaway Realtors; Exit Realtors; Norwescap (one of New Jersey’s largest non-profit organizations); Salvation Army; various township adult education classes, local libraries and numerous civic organizations such as Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.


Ms. Gaspar also provides affordable access to legal services through Legal Shield, a legal services vendor, as well as identity theft protection and restoration. Ms. Gaspar has a wealth of knowledge on managing personal and professional crises from her years of working with individuals and businesses in crisis.


Ms. Gaspar recent books, “Stop My Crisis- Facing Life’s Challenges Head On” and “Stop My Crisis- Be the 1 in 5” are part of her latest effort to empower people with the diverse information that they need to move past their current crisis into prosperity and successfully follow their dreams. In spring of 2016 Ms. Gaspar will be releasing her most recent addition to her “Stop My Crisis” book series: “Stop My Crisis – “My Mortgage Lender, My Bully”.

As seen on: For “ID Theft Avoidance”



“Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar," nominated for Best TV Interview Talk Show, brings to our viewers easy to follow crisis resolving information via guest interviews. Our guests help viewers to take steps to solving immediate crises. Guests are specifically chosen for their high levels of expertise in complimentary fields to one another per episode in order to interact in such a way to bring out more topical and timely aspects of the theme of each episode.