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Beyond My Crisis - 10.17

Attorney Vincent W. Davis is the founder and lead attorney of the Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates. Since 1986, Mr. Davis’ practice covers Juvenile Dependency Law and supporting law areas including: family law, juvenile & adult criminal defense. Mr. Davis and his associates represent clients with companion issues to Juvenile Dependency such as divorce, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support, domestic violence, paternity, adoption matters, and division of property. Vince Davis discusses the recourse for when Child Protective Services removes children from their parents. Many are false or unfounded allegations, and the children placed in temporary homes commonly require therapy, after not only the trauma of removal but the possibility of sexual and physical abuse at the foster home. Davis helps parents fight to get back their children, and joins us to explain what to do in case of this situation.

Beyond My Crisis - 9.17

Alena Chapman is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, who has spent over a decade in the field of self-improvement. She has a strong understanding of what holds people back in life, and teaches those who want to move forward how to free themselves and find happiness using techniques and practices that she has garnered over years of study. Ms. Chapman offers coaching sessions, email newsletters, and multiple books, including a new one, *The Prison Effect: Discover How You are Blocking your Own Happiness and Break Free to Abundance and Joy in Life*. She discusses issues such as finding happiness, forgiving others, and finding love. In this episode, Chapman discusses adults dealing with past childhood abuse, and forgiving your abusers.


Beyond My Crisis - 8.17 - Elder Abuse P. 2

This is the 2nd part of our deep investigation into how the court system around the U.S. is abusing their power in regards to guardianship, primarily of the elderly. The cottage industry of guardianship appointments to untrained strangers of elderly is amoral if not illegal. 

Our guests Juliette Fairly and Richard Black, both of whom have parents who are victims of elder guardianship abuse by the courts and are now national advocates. Ms. Fairly has had her rights as an adult daughter restricted to only 2 visitations per month with her father and has spent $10,000 in attorneys fees fighting the courts on her father's behalf. Guardianship abuse has cost the elderly over $1 Billion and everyone needs to see this episode to understand the enormity of this grave situation and how you and your family could be effected.



Beyond My Crisis - Episode 7.17

 Our guests today are Juliette Fairly and Rick Black, both of whom have been victims of the little known horrific governmental abuse of Elder Guardianship Abuse. Do you have a parent or grandparent who you live a distance from? Find out why living another state from who you love makes them more susceptible to this crime. This is a topic which everyone needs to be aware of who has someone in their lives who is a senior citizen. Unfortunately, about 10% or over 100,000 victims annually are not even elderly. Learn how you can protect yourself and those who you love from loosing their life savings and perhaps your ability to have access to them.



Beyond My Crisis - Episode 6.17

Are you a parent? What would you do if you got a call from your child's school that your child has threatened to harm themselves or another student and the school is demanding that you pick up your child and take them to the psychiatric emergency room for evaluation. What if at the ER they are now requiring your child to be emergency in-patient for minimum of 72 hours? Your world has suddenly been turned upside down! Dr. Stacey Plichta, Professor of Public Health at CUNY, City University of New York, is here to help you begin to navigate this complex process. Dr. Plichta explains details such as from remaining calm to working with the professionals who are there to get your child the care they need to what to say and how to interact with your child during this scary and traumatic time.


Beyond My Crisis - Episode 5.17


Beyond My Crisis - Episode 4.17

Have you ever been betrayed by a romantic partner or a friend? Most people have! Betrayal many times comes in the form of someone who uses you or takes from you in any form. It could have been money, your energy or time and gives little or nothing in return. 

What if you knew key indicators on how to avoid getting into relationships with people who would be likely betray you?
Our very special guest Saskia Winkler, world famous life coach, speaker and quantum healer, is here today from southern Germany, to help a solve the problem that has touched everyone regardless of financial class, having friends or romantic partners betray them.



Beyond My Crisis - Episode 3.17

 Merry McNutt, an MBA, CPA and Inspirational Speaker, is here to help you understand that you do not need to quit your current job to transition to a new career you love. Merry has helped many people transform their careers and entire lives by understanding how to transition slowly instead of feeling it is necessary to jump into the unknown. Our next guest, Professor Dr. Stacey Plichta professor of Public Health, at CUNY-City University of New York, is here to help guide you to going back to college midlife comfortably. Dr. Plichta answers the looming questions of how to get started, which type of colleges are the best to consider and which to avoid as well as how to tackle paying for the second college experience in your life.




Beyond My Crisis - Episode 2.17

Medical marijuana advocate and patient, Carla Basante, will reveal never before discussed information vital for people suffering unnecessarily. Be inspired by her story and consider qualifying to purchase cannabis legally in New Jersey and other states. Carla, has Multiple Sclerosis, and has had miraculous success in managing her pain and symptoms with medical marijuana. 

Psoriasis is more than a minor annoying skin condition. It can be the source for depression, low self esteem and serious relationship challenges. Kim Weiler educates us on her journey of healing Psoriasis through specific diet.


Beyond My Crisis - Episode 1.17

In the debut episode of Beyond My Crisis, our extraordinary guest, Jim Cullum, a certified professional consulting hypnotist of over 32 years, demonstrates the miracles of modern hypnosis. Jim has helped 1,000's people over come a variety of physical and mental challenges ranging from losing weight; stop smoking (with a guarantee); playing better sports; speech impediments; memory and recall to help pass exams and host of other challenges.


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