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Vivian Gaspar

Stop My Crisis- Facing Life's Challenges Head On The American Family's Guide For Every Stage of Life Stages

Peter Nagy

Chapter 34: Understand and Prevent Data Security Which Could Destroy Your Business

Arnie Rintzler

Chapter 25-:Goal Setting

Raffi Jamgotchian

Chapter 15 : Understanding your Credit Score

Vito Mazza

How To Survive Your Financial Crisis

Featured Authors


“Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar," nominated for Best TV Interview Talk Show, brings to our viewers easy to follow crisis resolving information via guest interviews. Our guests help viewers to take steps to solving immediate crises. Guests are specifically chosen for their high levels of expertise in complimentary fields to one another per episode in order to interact in such a way to bring out more topical and timely aspects of the theme of each episode.