Where to Watch

Where to Watch

"Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar"

• Live on Princeton TV (NJ)Comcast Channel 30/Verizon FiOS Channel 45 in 14 towns in Mercer, Somerset & Hunterdon Counties

• Live in Essex County (Newark, NJ)- (51 towns - 14th most densely populated county in the U.S) on Verizon FIOS Channel 37 & Cablevision Channel 77

• Live on West Milford, TV (NJ) in central Passaic County NJ on Cablevision Channel WM77

• Live on Ringwood TV (NJ) on Optimum on Ch. 77 in Northern Passaic County, NJ (live stream www.ringwoodnj.net)

• Live on Asbury Park TV (NJ) in Monmouth County – Verizon FIOS Ch 30 & Optimum Ch. 77

• Live on Edison TV (NJ) in Middlesex County – Verizon FIOS Channel 45 & Optimum Channel 15

• Live on Piscataway TV (NJ) in Middlesex County – Verizon FIOS Channel 40 & Optimum Channel 15 in 23 towns

• Live on Oradell TV (NJ) in Bergen County – Verizon FIOS Channel 28 in 56 towns & Optimum Channel 77

• Live on Oakland TV (NJ) in Bergen County – Verizon Channel 45 and Optimum Channel 77

• Live on Glen Rock TV (NJ) in Bergen County – Verizon FIOS Channel 32 & Optimum Channel 77

• Live on Hometown TV (NJ) in Summit Essex County – Verizon FIOS 33 Channel & Comcast Channel 36

• Live on Metuchen TV (NJ) in Middlesex County – Verizon FIOS 36 & Optimum Channel 77

• Live on WPHY (NJ & Philadelphia) airs to: Mercer, Hunterdon, Burlington, Middlesex & Somerset Counties – Ch 25

• Live on WZME TV Bridgeport (CT) Channel 42

• Live on WOCH-CA TV Chicago (IL) X-Finity Channel 391/689; RCN Channel 41 & AT&T U-Verse Channel 41

• Live on WTVE TV Philadelphia (PA) Channel 25

• Live on WMFP TV – Boston / Salem (MA) Channel 18

• Live on Avon TV, Mass. Comcast Channel 9

• Live on LexMedia, Lexington, Mass. – Verizon Channel 35 & Comcast Channel 8

• Live on NEK-TV, Orleans, Vermont

• Live on LTV 24/54, Ft. Wayne Indiana

• Live on KMTV 15, Mt. View, California – serving all of Silicon Valley on Comcast Channel 15 and

the Greater San Francisco Bay Area on AT&T U-Verse on Channel 99 (total reach of 7.1 million)

• Live on LakeCAM, Lakeville, MA – serving Cranberry County and South coast region of Massachusetts on Comcast Channel20 and Verizon Channel 30

• Live on Easthampton Media, MA – on Channels 191, 192 & 193

• Live on Lowell, MA on Channels 8 & 99

• Live on BTV13, Bourne, MA

• Live on Erie TV Pennsylvania on Channel 2 on Time Warner / Spectrum and live stream on www.catverie.org

•Live on HCTV, Hudson, NH on Channel 20

•Live on CVTV, Barre, VT, on Channels 192 and 194

•Live on HCTV, Herkimer, NY, on Channel 97

•Live on Falls Cable, Buckland and Shelbourne, MA, on Channel 17

•Live on ORCA, Montpelier, VT

•Live on WGATV, Woodridge, CT, on Channel 19

•Live on MATV, Malden, MA, on Channel 3

•Live  on LCPTV, Lake County, CA, on Channel 8


Where to Watch


“Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar," nominated for Best TV Interview Talk Show, brings to our viewers easy to follow crisis resolving information via guest interviews. Our guests help viewers to take steps to solving immediate crises. Guests are specifically chosen for their high levels of expertise in complimentary fields to one another per episode in order to interact in such a way to bring out more topical and timely aspects of the theme of each episode.